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Winery Etiquette


At Mount Pleasant, we pride ourselves on the serene atmosphere we offer our customers.

Mount Pleasant is a family-friendly environment. Well-behaved children are always welcome. 

We are also a dog-friendly winery, but do require your pet to be on a leash. 


grapes  White wines are tasted first, followed by red wines, and then dessert wines. Within these categories, lighter-bodied wines precede fuller-bodied ones.

grapes  Taste each wine carefully and savor each sip; never chug or gulp the wine. Respect each wine you taste and give it a chance.

grapes  We offer a sheet of tasting notes. Read the tasting notes as you sip. Do you notice any of the aromas or flavors listed in the notes?

grapes  It is okay to skip any of the wines on the tasting list. It is okay to let our wine-tasting specialists know what you are interested in trying, whether it is only certain varietals of wine or all white wines.  We do want our patrons to try a variety of our wines, so we do only allow two tastes of the same wine.

grapes  Correct wine etiquette does not require you to finish your glass. Empty the unwanted wine into the dump bucket provided for this purpose.

grapes  Some people feel guilty if they don’t buy at least one bottle of wine. Never feel you must purchase any wine. Buy the wine if you like it.