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Serving Wine


Wine Temperature

To taste the wine at its best, you must serve it at the appropriate temperature. Different wines are best served at different temperatures.

Blush, rose and dry white wines: 46-57F
Sparkling wines and champagne: 43-47F
Light red wine: 55F
Deep red wines: 59-66F

Decanting Wine

The process of decanting can make any wine come to life. Transferring the wine from the bottle to a decanter allows the wine to slowly aerate the wine, bringing its flavors and aromas to life. Pour the wine directly into you decanter and let it rest for around 15 minutes before serving.

Pouring Wine

Pour the wine slowly, being careful not to drip. Fill the glass until it reaches slightly below the widest section of the glass, usually about half full. Once finished, pull the bottle up and back while slightly twisting your wrist counter clockwise.