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A fine wine can make any social gathering even better. Wine can be a great conversation starter and a great way to entertain whether it's for a small gathering for friends or a larger affair for business associates.

Entertaining might seem quite complicated, but once you have planned out all of the details in an event, it can be very rewarding. Although it can be a challenge to please all of your guests, these easy step will help your event go like clockwork.

                                                                         Tips for a successful party ~ 

grapes Send out invitations.

grapes Keep your guest count to a manageable number.

grapes Create tasting note cards with brief descriptions of each wine.

grapes Make sure the room is cool prior to party time.

grapes Ensure there is enough room for all of your guests.

grapes Set up the bar away from the door and allow plenty of room on all sides.

grapes Have one bottle of each wine you are tasting across the bar so your guests can see and read the labels.

grapes Make sure you have the proper glassware.

grapes Choose food and wine pairings that compliment each other.

grapes Chill all white wine and champagne for at least three hours before you guests arrive.

grapes Have non-alcoholic beverages available.

Cocktail Parties

Plan close to ½ bottle of wine per guest every two hours. Parties before 5pm or events with other alcohol will not require as much wine.

Dinner Parties

A 750ml bottle of wine will serve five guests if using a 5oz pour. With dinner, count on 1-1 ½ servings for each guest course.

Wine Tasting Parties

Throwing a wine tasting party is not only a fun and unique way to host guests, but it is also a great way to sample a variety of wines. You can choose to host a party that focuses on a specific type of wine or you can choose a large variety of different wines. Once you've decided, pick five or so to feature at your party. Keep your guest list short when hosting a wine tasting so you done ruin the intimacy. As a general rule of thumb, 1 bottle of wine yields about eight 3oz samples. It is also important to remember that people do not always drink their wine completely. Keeping wine tasting dump buckets nearby will allow your guests to pour leftover wine effortlessly and without any mess. To help cleanse the palates during the tasting, it is a good idea to keep crackers or French bread on hand. Once you decide on which wines to serve, prepare a tasting sheet for your guests. This should contain a lit of wines being sampled along with a brief description of each. Provide one sheet per guest and done forget to provide pens or pencils so your guests can make notes.

957798-s.jpgItems needed for your wine tasting ~

grapes Wine glasses

grapes Dump buckets

grapes Water pitchers

grapes Wine stoppers

grapes Crackers or bread for palette cleansers

grapes Light Hors d' oeuvres for food pairings

grapes Tasting note cards

grapes Pens or pencils

grapes Napkins or linens